Conference & Exhibition

26 - 28 FEB 2018

Crowne Plaza - Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Pipeline and Tubular Products

  • Development of pipes & tubes for Oil & Gas applications.
  • Manufacturing of pipeline and tubular products with enhanced mechanical properties
  • Innovative material solutions for challenging environments such as sour services, corrosive services and high/low temperature conditions.
  • Advanced welding and inspection solutions for tubular products.
  • Industry standards outlook on manufacturing and product integrity.
  • New technologies and improvements in Nondestructive testing of flat and tubular products
  • Multifaceted focus on Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy for pipeline, tubular and flat products.
  • Knowledge exchange between steel producers, tubular manufacturers and end users.

Protective Coatings

  • Coatings for aggressive service condition
  • Deep-sea coatings
  • High temperature coatings
  • Coating failure analysis
  • Advance inspection method for coating

Steel Quality and Standards

  • Application of Nondestructive Testing technologies to ensure pipe and process equipment integrity
  • Development and Improvement in steel inspection programs
  • Role of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) in assuring integrity of pipes and steel structures
  • In service corrosion detection and fitness for service assessment
  • Structural health monitoring of steel structures
  • New developments in codes, standards and best practices in steel integrity assurance
  • Design for inspectability of steel pipes and structures

Structural Steel

  • Design for Fatigue, Seismic Design of Steel Buildings, Design of Web-Tapered Members, Cold Form Steel Design, Welding design, Blast Resistant Design in Petrochemical facilities, Design of Mobile Buildings, Building Information Modeling (BIM) Techniques, Sustainability and Green Buildings etc...
  • Material Traceability, Positive Material Identification techniques, Handling of Large Structures (Onshore/Offshore) during Fabrication and Shipping, Material defects, infrastructure defects etc...
  • Industry Welding Processes, Welding metallurgy and defects, Inspection techniques and Repair methodologies etc...
  • Steel Making Processes - Mills & Re-rolling mills, Advances in Steel manufacturing technology, Sheet Steel Manufacturing, Wire Rope, Manufacturing etc...

Cathodic Protection

  • Possible CP interference on pipelines at congested corridors
  • Effects of high CP potential on coatings and steel pipe
  • Soil resistivity influence on CP adequacy
  • CP for on-shore pipelines

Fire Safety Engineering & Fire Design of Structures

  • Fire in structures and Structural members
  • Material behavior at elevated temperature
  • Performance based Design
  • Modeling - Simple calculation methods and simulations
  • Experimental studies
  • Fire Protection materials
  • Fire Engineering design codes
  • Fire safety in oil, and gas facilities
  • Fire safety management
  • Fire fighting systems and techniques in Oil and gas steel facilities